Discover the Power of Custom Wall Murals by Mammoth Imaging

At Mammoth Imaging we create customized wall murals using state-of-the-art fabric print technology. Our true dye sublimation process allows us to create tailor-made design solutions that transform any environment.

Our fabric display experts create stunning wall murals to suit any design or budget. Wall murals can be used as the ultimate branding for a commercial space, as an interior design feature or to create messaging. We provide unsurpassed quality fabric wall murals with vibrant colours that create unexpected backdrops that leave lasting impressions.

Today creating immersive experiences calls for inspired spaces. Whether it is a workspace, a hotel lobby, a commercial space or a retail environment, Mammoth can help you design an impactful wall mural that stimulates or relaxes, inspires or expresses ideas. It is an unexpected marketing tool, but can also be used to simply enhance a space.

Mammoths’ super graphics can cover massive stretches of wall space or can be used in small areas. Either way, they easily help you make a statement with immediate impact. Instead of creating smaller signs for marketing purposes, you can completely envelop a space for a memorable impression that is surprising, entertaining, inspiring, humorous, and 100% brand-focused.

custom printed wall murals
Features of Mammoth Wall Murals

Features of Mammoth Wall Murals

When you order a wall mural with Mammoth, we offer the following features:

  • Vibrant colours using true dye sublimation printing methods
  • Durable fabrics designed to resist fading, wear and tear
  • Would love more details such as type of materials used, durability, indoor/outdoor use? etc

Wall murals have many uses including:

  • Creating a feeling of more space in cramped areas
  • Inspiring certain moods or reactions
  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Decorative elements
  • Creating a specific atmosphere or ambiance
  • Introducing colour
  • Unique interior design features
  • Advertising
  • Interactive walls in educational facilities
  • Selfie backdrops as a marketing tool

Wall murals can be added to any environment where you want to create impact, raise brand awareness, share a message, or develop an immersive or visually engaging experience.

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