Textile Sublimation Printing & Finishing Facility in Ontario

At Mammoth Imaging our pristine 10,000 square foot facility produces the highest quality products 24/7. Our business is proudly fueled by a team of dedicated employees who have remained committed to producing the highest quality product for our customers over the long term.

The Right Team

Our team shares the same values, with a focus on striving to outdo ourselves in the quality of our print production. In hand with quick turnaround regardless of volume, you can depend on us to manage your projects from start to finish in-house. Each of our team members is fully trained and experienced in their specific roles ensuring we remain highly efficient and effective. The end result is high-quality fabric print production every time.

The Right Equipment

Mammoth can produce custom-designed jobs as wide as 10 feet to meet the needs of any project. Dye sublimation uses superior specialty inks to obtain the purest colour possible. As a result, we ensure your brand and colour designs remain true. In the fabric print industry, dye sublimation represents state-of-the-art printing technology to ensure the purest colours that won’t crack or fade. We can also match any colour without any restrictions on the images we can produce. From single colour jobs to complex gradients our equipment ensures flawless execution for your fabric print projects.

Mammoth Imaging Our Facility
Hanging fabric sign by Mammoth Imaging

Ensuring Quality Control

By managing everything in-house we maintain full control of every aspect of your project. Your print projects are easily managed using three heavy-duty grand format printers producing brilliant fabric custom work 24/7. Finishing work such as stitching and finishing is handled with the same attention to detail as our most complicated print job. We also use our own Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) tubes and frames, designed to meet your specific needs. We ensure we meet your requirements from the way our finished products look, to their durability and functionality.

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